Work Specific to Students

For Students (of all ages)…

I have experience working with students with a multitude of issues that can affect student success: transitions to new schools and heavier workloads; mood disorders including anxiety and depression; reading and writing differences; ADD/ADHD, and dyslexia.  I have also worked extensively with successful students moving from the prescribed expectations of high school to the demands and freedoms of college, and those facing difficult decisions about the next steps to take after high school or college graduation.

I provide solution-focused coaching to both individuals and groups on:
• Self-esteem issues associated with learning differences and/or difficulties with academics;

• Counseling before and after attendance at therapeutic programs and specialized schools;

• Writing clearly in school regardless of attention issues or other learning differences;

• Time management techniques addressing everything from semester-long goals to strategies for completing timed tests;

• Skills to manage ADD and ADHD – practical problem solving for both children and adults;

• Stress management due to increased academic pressures, including the college application process;

• Specialized college preparation and referral needs: which schools will be of most help with your learning concerns or psychological needs?

• Advocacy for students with mood or learning disorders when considering disability status in private schools or college.